Welcome to finally finding a camouflage product that's all about providing hunters with the best concealment when it counts, where it counts... every single time you enter the woods. By harnessing a depth and detail found nowhere else in the industry, we have developed patterns that absolutely work anywhere in the world. More importantly, they work when it matters the most... at those critical distances all hunters encounter in the field.

We call it Deadly at a Distanceā„¢... and it works.

What does it mean? It means that when you're 20 yards with a bow getting to full-draw on a trophy whitetail, or at 45 yards with a shotgun getting the drop on a boss gobbler, you're camo is working for you because it actually LOOKS BETTER at that range than it does at 3 feet. That's the way camouflage should work. We put two years into researching color (or lack of it), and we figured out how to defeat the blob effect seen in most other patterns on the market.

If you're serious about staying concealed in the woods, and having more confidence during your hunting adventures, you need to check this out.

We give you the most dynamically effective patterns to hit the market in over a decade, and we ask you to judge for yourself based on our research and development, our designs, and our unique approach to camouflage.

Stay Hidden... wear Shaman Camouflage.